Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scrap Exchange Coming To Spring Jubilee

On Saturday April 4, The Scrap Exchange will be at Spring Jubilee from 10 am to 4 pm. Kids of all ages will enjoy creating items to take home. This will be FREE to the children and it sounds like a lot of fun! I had emailed The Scrap Exchange and asked them to write a few words about their organization for this blog. They were kind enough to send the information below and the picture. Thank you!

The Scrap Exchange is a creative reuse center located in downtown
Durham, North Carolina. Our mission is to promote creativity,
environmental awareness, and community through reuse. We collect
tons of clean, reusable industrial discards from area businesses and
manufacturers every year and bring them sorted and ready to use to
festivalsj for children and adults to make anything they can imagine.

Since 1991, the Scrap Exchange has been providing a unique form of
hands-on arts and craft activity for people of all ages. We fill a
van with a fascinating collection of materials--foam, fabric,
stickers, cardboard cones and tubes, bottle caps, and a whole bunch
of things we’re sure you’ve never seen before--and we will be coming
to the Historic Pendleton Spring Jubilee on April 4th 2009!

Attendees use the materials (along with the scissors, staplers, and
tape that we bring with us) to make whatever they can think of--hats,
rocket ships, sculptures, handbags. The options are endless.

Come join us and see how creative you can be!

To find out more about our organization please check out our website
Scrap Exchange

Photo courtesy of The Scrap Exchange

Spring Jubilee in Pendleton SC

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